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Classroom Programs


Education Programs Designed for Grades K-12

Mount Washington Observatory has been sharing the excitement of weather and climate with area schools since 1999. Designed to meet the New Hampshire Frameworks and National Educational Standards, our programs bring science to life with hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and engaging narrative.

Each program runs approximately one hour in length, adapted to fit your class schedule. Multiple day programs and assembly programs are also available.


Observing Mount Washington's Weather

This program provides a basic overview of how weather is created, and how weather observations form the basis of all forecasts. Through demonstrations and video footage, your class will explore the highest peak of the Northeast and find out how our weather observers and meteorologists conduct their work in the Home of the World's Worst Weather.

Lightning Science and Safety

Lightning is an amazing force, and vital to life on Earth. Learn how lightning is formed, and how to be safe if a thunderstorm threatens. A 500,000 volt Van de Graaf generator will help demonstrate the rule, "When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!"

Fundamentals of Climate

We've all heard about climate in the media, but do we really understand what it is? Learn about the fundamentals of climate and as well as Mount Washington, a place so unique that although it is located in the temperate zone, it actually experiences conditions of a sub-arctic climate.


Fees are determined by the number of programs you book, and where you are located. A single program is $195 for up to 30 students. A second consecutive program is $155, and each additional program is $125. Round-trip mileage from our offices in North Conway, New Hampshire is added to the program fee. A minimum of two programs are required for locations more than 1.5 hours from our offices.

Multiple-day programs and assembly programs are also available, with special package pricing. Please contact us for a quote.

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