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Now Booking In-School Observatory Educational Programs for the 2006-2007 School Year

There may be no better way to help children learn something than by getting them engaged, excited and involved. That's exactly what Mount Washington Observatory's Educational Outreach Coordinator Michelle Cruz does-- just ask any one of her 7,000 students that she interacts with each year!

Thanks to the support of Subaru of America, Cruz is able to bring the science of weather directly into the classroom. She packs up the Subaru “Weathermobile” and hits the road, destined to visit schools throughout northern New England and beyond. Bringing interactive, hands-on weather programs into classrooms, not only supports the Observatory's mission, but also allows the Observatory to support the weather segment of New Hampshire's elementary and middle school curriculum.

By using visual aides such as an air cannon to explain air pressure; a Van de Graaf generator to explain lightning safety; a bouncing globe to show how weather patterns travel and slides to explain the hourly observations that are conducted by Mount Washington's observers, students are able to better understand the basic concepts of weather. Students earn an understanding through "doing", and this is accomplished through the interactive, hands-on activities applied in the outreach program. 

 "Not only are these programs about educating students about the dynamics and basic concepts of weather, but it is also about encouragement," says Cruz. "By participating in these programs, students are reaffirmed that yes, they can do the science."

To schedule an Outreach Program at your organization or school, sign up online or call (800) 706-0432, ext. 225 today! 


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