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Guy Shorey's Late Autumn Photo Gallery

These photos are some of the many historical slides archived and preserved within the Gladys Brooks Memorial Library located at the Weather Discovery Center.

Hall Road, Whitefield, NH

Mount Washington from Thorn Mtn Road
Mount Washington from Thorn Mountain Road, Jackson, NH.

Randolph Hill Road
October 1953 on Randolph Hill Road

Sandwich, NH
In Sandwich, 1942

Route 16, Pinkham Notch
Mount Washington from Route 16, Pinkham Notch, 10/4/52.

Madison, Adams and Jefferson
View of Mounts Madison, Adams and Jefferson October 1952 from Jefferson, NH.

AMC Welcome Center
AMC, Pinkham Notch 10/6/43. Part of Robson Lodge on the left remains today while the old trading post was replaced by the present visitor center in 1969.

As to why the flag is at half-staff; here's a good guess submitted by Steven Filoso of Phoenix, Arizona. "A quick web search revealed that the Battle of Vella LaVella was taking place at that time. It appears to have been a battle which resulted in a huge American loss, and occurred on the 6th and 7th of October on the other side of the International Dateline, translating to the 5th and 6th in New Hampshire, more than enough time for the loses on the 5th to be translated into a lowered flag on the 6th, and thus, in the picture."

For more information about the Battle of Vella LaVella visit http://www.microworks.net/pacific/battles/vella_lavella.htm

Thanks to all who submitted a guess.

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