Once In a Lifetime Is Never Enough

2014-10-28 23:39:00.000 – Bill Ofsiany and Barbara Althe, Summit Volunteers


We use the term “Once in a Lifetime Experience” many times during our lives, as opportunities come up to try new and unusual things.Spending a week at the top of Mt. Washington, as a summit volunteer is not one of those.You can’t just do a week one time and still see everything this place has to offer.The weather is so varied that one time would never be enough to see all the variation in the alpenglow, during sunrises and sunsets.You have to be here to feel the force of the wind at over one hundred miles per hour, and to feel the gusts slam against you like a huge unseen person pushing you around.You couldn’t see enough northern lights, or star constellations and planets if this were a once in a lifetime thing.You wouldn’t see all the varied forms of rime ice and snow crystals either.

Summit volunteering is more like an addiction, than a one shot thing.Each shift you work only wets your appetite for the next one, and the next.This place is so unique and varied, that you can’t wait for the next time you are up here again.


Bill Ofsiany and Barbara Althe, Summit Volunteers

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May 20th, 2024|0 Comments

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