2006-10-05 16:46:18.000 – Mike Renzi,  Summit Intern

Yesterday morning

I’d like to start this comment with a message about our forums located here: . We have tons of visitors to the web site every day yet only a few threads on our forums. I encourage everyone who has an interest about the mountain and our organization to click the link, create a free account, and make an introductory post. Tell us what you think about the place, let us know how the weather was when you visited, or when you’re planning on visiting. Generate some discussion!

Today started off with a great icing event that occurred early in the morning. What was so great about it wasn’t the ice itself, but the clearing skies throughout the day that made the ice glisten and shine. The fog came back up again just now in the evening to give us one last bit of light icing and obscuration before it’s expected to completely dissipate giving us an awesome view of the nearly full moon tonight.

Looking forward to some great weather for this holiday weekend. Come visit us!


Mike Renzi,  Summit Intern

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