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7.5.24, Union Leader, Atop the Rockpile: A little bit of everything in June

6.28.24, WMUR, Mount Washington sees record low temperature, rime ice, ice pellets

6.28.24, WMTW, Ice, record cold reported in New England

6.20.24, Boston Globe, It was the hottest it’s ever been on the top of Mt. Washington recently

6.19.24, Conway Daily Sun, Heat wave: Mt. Washington breaks daily record

6.6.2024, Portsmouth Herald, Rye man living, working at Mount Washington summit, records ‘worlds worst weather’

5.20.2024, Union Leader, Nashua science teacher to introduce meteorology course for high school students

5.11.2024, WCVB, Here’s what vivid northern lights looked like from atop Mount Washington

5.11.2024, WMUR, ‘I Still can’t comprehend’: Northern lights spotted across New Hampshire

5.10.2024, Union Leader, Atop the Rockpile: Sun, moon and earth converge for a crazy month

5.5.2024, The Wall Street Journal, The Dangers Atop New England’s Most Notorious Peak

4.19.2024, WMUR, Gigantic wall of snow created as crews clear snow on road to Mount Washington peak

4.13.2024, Union Leader, Atop the Rockpile: March madness of the meteorological kind

4.12.2024, FOX Weather, Mount Washington celebrates 90 years since historic 231 mph gust with ‘Big Wind Day’

4.12.2024, News Center Maine, Mt. Washington marks 90th year since measuring world record wind speed

4.12.2024, WGME CBS13, Mount Washington commemorates 90 years since world-record 231 mph wind gust

4.12.2024, News 5 ABC,  Today is known as Big Wind Day, find out why

4.9.2024,, Watch: Here’s what the eclipse looked like from the top of Mount Washington

4.5.2024, Conway Daily Sun, Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Big Wind 

4.5.2024, Union Leader, What’s with all the wind? These pros know

4.4.2024, WCVB5, Mount Washington scientist talks about conditions

4.1.2024, goEast/EMS, The MWOBS and MWAC Winter Internship

3.26.2024, Virginia Tech CRNE News, On top of the world

3.25.2024, CBS Boston, Meteorologist Eric Fisher travels to summit of Mount Washington

3.13.2024, WMUR, Mount Washington sees peak wind gust of 150 mph

3.13.2024, Boston Globe, Mount Washington records highest wind gusts for the season at 150 miles per hour

3.12.2024,, Mount Washington sees 150 mph wind gusts, highest of this winter

3.12.2024, WBZ News, Mount Washington records highest wind gust of this winter season at 150 mph

3.1.2024, WBZ News, Video shows wind gusts of 147 miles per hour at the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire

2.29.2024, Boston Globe, Toilets were gurgling’ and ‘windows flexing’: Hurricane-force winds rattle Mount Washington

2.4.2024, FOX Weather, The Dean’s List: Mount Washington

1.23.2024, CBS News, “Awesome” cloud formation seen from atop Mount Washington

1.23.2024, Boston 25 News, ‘Did a double take’: Stunning photos show massive UFO-like cloud formation in sky over New Hampshire

1.23.2024, Boston Globe, Rare cloud forms at Mount Washington New Hampshire

1.7.2024, FOX Weather, Mount Washington blasted by impacts from weekend nor’easter

1.6.2024, Union Leader, Atop the Rockpile: Observing Nimbus

1.5.2024, WMUR, Not much snow so far this winter at Mount Washington Observatory

1.4.2024, FOX Weather, Janice Dean gets behind-the-scenes look at the Mount Washington Observatory

1.4.2024, FOX Weather, Forecasting Weather at the Mount Washington Observatory

1.4.2024, FOX Weather, Janice Dean experiences the harsh conditions at the Mount Washington Observatory

1.4.2024, FOX Weather, Go behind-the-scene at New England’s highest peak amid extreme tempsGo behind-the-scene at New England’s highest peak amid extreme temps

1.4.2024, FOX News, How Mount Washington Observatory analyzes the weather

1.4.2024, FOX News, The trek to the top of Mount Washington

12.22.2023, NEWS CENTER Maine, An inside look at life at the Mount Washington Observatory

12.12.2023, USA TODAY, The weather is getting cold. Global warming is still making weather weird.

12.3.2023, NH Union Leader, Atop the Rockpile: Welcome to life on the summit of Mount Washington

12.1.2023, The Concord Bridge, Atop Mount Washington, a CCHS grad braves the world’s worst weather

12.1.2023, WCVB-TV Boston, Mount Washington Observatory weather watchers give tips to catch glimpse of Northern Lights

11.9.2023, WCAX, Mt. Washington Observatory shares snowfall expectations for 2023-2024 winter

11.3.2023, FOX Weather, How Mount Washington, NH weather observers endure the extreme

10.19.2023, FOX Weather, Mount Washington Observatory collects data on “world’s worst weather”

10.9.2023, NHPR, Mount Washington gets first measurable snow of the season, later than normal

9.27.2023, New Hampshire Bulletin, In the White Mountains, a network of remote weather stations gives inklings of the future

9.22.2023, Yahoo News, Teacher of the Year hits new heights with Alvirne JROTC cadets

9.18.2023, NH Department of Education, Mt Washington field trip with 2023 NH Teacher of the Year Christian Cheetham and his JR ROTC cadets

9.18.2023, New Hampshire Life, Episode 13: Mount Washington Observatory Overnight

9.3.2023, WMUR, Northern Lights, Big Dipper spotted from atop New Hampshire’s highest peak

8.31.2056, The Boston Globe, First snow falls on White Mountains

8.30.2023, NH Business Review, $11m awarded for housing, energy, recreation projects in New Hampshire

8.23.2023, The Boston Globe, Stunning zodiacal light spotted above Mt. Washington in New Hampshire

8.21.2003, WGBH, Why this summer in New England was really wet

8.17.2023, The Boston Globe, Here’s the latest research from the top of Mount Washington

8.8.2023, Yahoo Finance, Mount Washington Observatory Taps Eastern Mountain Sports as Official Exclusive Outfitter

7.31.2023, NHPR, Mt. Washington summit sees wettest July ever

7.31.2023, The Associated Press, Parts of New England, including Mount Washington, saw record rain in July

6.12.2023, The Boston Globe, Mount Washington has already had its snowiest June on record

6.14.2023, Backpacker Magazine, Mt. Washington Has Recorded Its Snowiest June Ever—and the Month Is Only Half Over

4.10.2023 CBS Mornings, How researchers collect data on Mount Washington in extreme weather

3.8.2023, WMTW, Data collected on Mt. Washington help track changes in climate

3.8.2023, WMTW, From Mount Washington to Mount Everest: The equipment the observatory developed for the highest peak

2.23.2023,, For decades, he’s been heading to the summit of Mount Washington to cook and clean. Here’s why.

2.12.2023, The Boston Globe, On top of New England, an arctic wind and a million-dollar view

1.12.2023, Channel 4 News, Mount Washington: Why one of the worst weather locations on Earth is warming up