Mount Washington Weather

Current Summit Conditions

  • Temperature:
  • Gust:
  • Wind:
  • Wind Chill:
  • Direction:

Morning Conditions

  • Temperature:
  • Wind:
  • Weather:
  • Visibility:
  • Relative Humidity:
  • Station Pressure:
  • Ground Conditions:

Today’s Almanac Data

  • Record High
  • Record Low
  • Average Daily Temperature
  • Avg Monthly Melted Precipitation
  • Avg Monthly Snowfall
  • Total Snowfall This Month
  • Avg Monthly Winds
  • Sunrise
  • Sunset

Yesterday’s Weather

  • Max Temperature:
  • Min Temperature:
  • Peak Wind Gust:
  • Avg Wind Speed:
  • Liquid Precipitation:
  • Snowfall:

Imagery & Charts

Current Satellite Loop

Current Satellite

Current Panel Forecast

NOAA Panel Forecast


Current Radar

Forecasting the Advancement of Technology

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