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Current Summit Conditions

Current Summit Conditions

Real-time graph of all weather variables at the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

Higher Summits Forecast

Higher Summits Forecast

Twice daily updated forecast for the higher summits of New Hampshire’s mountains.

Mount Washington Weather

Mount Washington Weather and Almanac

Current summit conditions, 24 hour statistics, and today’s almanac data, and yesterday’s weather.

Mount Washington Regional Mesonet

Real time data from each of our automated weather stations located throughout the White Mountains of New Hampshire

New Hampshire North and South Outlook

A generalized forecast for Northern and Southern New Hampshire

Mount Washington Valley Forecast

A forecast and extended outlook for the greater Mount Washington Valley Region

Monthly F6 Forms

Mount Washington Weather Archives

A repository of monthly F6 forms, Normals, Means and Extremes, 1935-present temperature graph, and NCON3 co-op station.

Daily Regional Weather PDF

A PDF containing the Mount Washington Valley forecast, higher summits forecast, Auto Road Vertical Temperature Profile, morning conditions on Mount Washington, a recap of yesterday’s weather, and almanac data for today.

Amazon Alexa Skills

Use your Alexa enabled device to access the audio version of our higher summits forecast, or ask what the weather was on Mount Washington for any day since 1935!

TXT/SMS Forecast

Text weather, forecast, or radar to 603-356-2137 for the latest conditions.

Our weather services keep people and communities safe throughout the state Of New Hampshire and on visits to the White Mountains.

We offer detailed current conditions for Mount Washington and forecasts for all of the higher summits of New Hampshire as well as forecasts across our region. As a 90-year-old scientific organization dedicated to understanding the processes which shape the Earth’s weather and climate, our forecasts are universally trusted throughout New Hampshire and New England.

Imagery and Charts

Current Satellite Loop

Current Satellite

Current Panel Forecast

NOAA Panel Forecast

Current Radar

Current Radar