Observation Deck Live Weather Camera

The observation deck weather camera is located within the Mount Washington Observatory tower. Be sure to check out the daily and long term timelapse sequences below.

This camera is made possible by generous support from Lakeside Security Systems and generous support from Gordini Gloves.

Today’s Time-Lapse

Click the arrow on the left hand side of the time-lapse to choose a different day.

Videos can be downloaded from within the viewer. Additional sunrise, sunset, and full-day timelapses can be found below.

Long Term Time-Lapse

A very long term timelapse consisting of several images per day over more than a year.

Additional Timelapse Videos

Sunrise Timelapse


Full-Day Timelapse

Full Day Timelapse

Sunset Timelapse


Mount Washington Observatory is a member-supported nonprofit institution. Any donation makes you a member, providing vital support for our mountaintop weather station, essential climate data, and forecasts. Please support MWOBS to help keep our cameras operational.