Capabilities and Rates

Please contact us for information regarding the use of Mount Washington Observatory facilities, transportation and staff time for research, media visits, and all other external purposes. Many testing and research campaigns require highly customized support and deployment. The rates below can be used as an overview for estimation purposes.


Overnight trip with 3 Meals 235.00
Day Trip 75.00
Transportation per Day
Coordinated transportation when Auto Road is Open 50.00
Coordinated transportation when Auto Road is Closed 100.00
Transportation special circumstances when Auto Road is Closed 1000.00
Space Rental (Weather Tower)
Daily 40.00
Weekly 250.00
Monthly 975.00
Situational per basis
Meals, when not combined with stay
Breakfast 15.00
Lunch 20.00
Dinner 33.00
Staff Support per Hour
Technology Specialist 150.00
Dir. of Weather Operations 105.00
Observer/Meteorologist 70.00
Intern 33.00
Data Requests
Minimum 90.00
Individual Station 125/year
Situational per basis

Contact: Jay Broccolo, Director of Weather Operations (603) 356-2137, ext. 231
Keith Garrett, Director of Technology (603) 356-2137, ext. 230