2012-12-12 23:23:28.000 – Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

A Gear Collage!

Although the calendar date is about 13 days short of Christmas, it felt like December 25th this morning for us observers, as a new shipment of EMS gear arrived on the summit!

Here are some of the pieces I received, that will go a long way to ensuring my warmth and dexterity during the long winter on the rockpile:

1. EMS Men’s Theorem Pants: Essential for all of my trips and trudges through snowdrifts during the winter, and also to keep my legs warm through those nights when temperatures could potentially drop as low as -47F!

2. EMS Men’s Ascent Summit Gloves: Fingers and toes are among the first parts of one’s body to get cold when exposed to harsh winter conditions. Because of this, warm gloves are essential! These bad boys are sure to keep me warm during those nights when Mt. Washington is ripe with strong winds, heavy snow, and freezing fog.

3. EMS Men’s Work Gloves: Uh oh…the fog just cleared, and the winds dropped to levels below which our pitot tube static anemometer can handle. Time to put up the RM Young Anemometer for low wind speeds! The summit gloves are a little too bulky, so I’ll bust out these slimmer work gloves, so my dexterity isn’t compromised when I’m installing the anemometer in the chilly temps.

4. EMS Men’s Power Stretch 1/4 Zip: This is, by far, one of my favorite EMS pieces due to its incredible versatility. If I’m lounging around the living quarters, working hard in the weather room, or taking a jaunt around the summit in milder temperatures, this piece is an excellent choice. I was most certainly excited to see we received the latest version, in a sharp blue shade!

Check out all of these gear pieces, and more, at ems.com!


Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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