1st Shift

2008-06-30 13:19:30.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Jeff and Steve installing the tower Metek

This has been my first week working with the “other” shift. It’s definitely been a little strange not seeing Brain and Ryan around all the time but so far I’ve really enjoyed my time with everyone on this rotation. Regarding work we’ve been really busy this week installing new equipment around the summit. So far we have two of the four Metek sonic anemometers up and running plus the 3-cup summer anemometer is now out and recording data too. With, much appreciated, help from State Park we’ve also started work installing an Electric Field Meter out on the end of the power shack. Still have a radio antenna to mount before Wednesday, just wish the fog would clear so we can see where to point it.n

nI would like to finish this comment by mentioning our Summit Intern Program , which, is currently open for fall applications. This is a really great opportunity to come and live on the summit as well as to learn more about our organization, the mountain and how a weather station operates. If anyone reading this is interested, or knows someone who they think may be interested, in applying for an Intern position then please visit our web site for more information.n

nFinally I’d like to thank Mike’s mom for providing him with new trousers. Thank you.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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