2-25 snow storm

2010-02-25 15:46:16.000 – Nick Lovejoy,  Summit Intern

Brian attempts to fathom the depths of the drift.

So what was it exactly that I was complaining about last week?

Oh yeah snow.

Well I guess I should really put my foot in my mouth now, because Brian and I spent 3 hours this morning shoveling through dense wind-blown snow. Although the work was hard, there were smiles on both of our rimed faces during the whole endeavor.

The first of two storms passed over us last night, delivering 10.8 inches to the summit as of 1pm this afternoon. With winds from the south east blowing drifts thigh high in our front entrance, and 7 feet high in our tower emergency exit!

The next storm, trailing right on the heals of the first, appears to be even bigger and badder. According to forecasts this second storm should linger in the area and continue to produce fresh powder until Monday. So far today the precipitation up here on the higher summits has mainly been snow, but later this afternoon there is a chance that as some warmer air moves in, we could experience some mixing. However, by midnight colder air will move back in and we will continue to see snow. Snowfall estimates should readily exceed a foot.

With winds projected to exceed 100mph tonight, tomorrow morning promises some aching arms, a sweaty back, and some big smiles from one happy intern up here at the summit.


Nick Lovejoy,  Summit Intern

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