49th Annual Mt. Washington Road Race

2009-06-20 11:45:37.000 – Alex Jacques,  Summit Intern

Spectators anxiously awaiting the first runners.

Today was the 49th Annual Mt. Washington Road Race. Runners from all over the world took on the 7.6 mile challenge up the Mount Washington Auto Road. While the race started below the clouds, runners were greeted to a picturesque undercast and gorgeous conditions on the summit. Temperatures in the 50s with little to no wind were an unexpected but welcomed treat for those taking in the race.

In my spare time, I was able to make it over to the finish line to see some of the runners. I had the chance to photograph the crowd and finish line as well as film some of the runners for the ObsCast. Members of the Mount Washington Observatory can check out the ObsCast video on Monday under the multimedia tab on the Mount Washington Observatory website.

Today was my first day seeing a mostly complete undercast. With visibility at a maximum this morning, I could see nothing but cloud tops for miles. It doesn’t happen often that the summit is treated to better weather than the valley. Sure, temperatures may still be warmer in the valley, but when the average high temperature for the summit this time of year is in the mid 40s, I will take this sunny weather any day. I plan on getting outside to enjoy it while it lasts, since it looks like the higher summits will roll back into the fog for the foreseeable future.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 49th Annual Mt. Washington Road Race.


Alex Jacques,  Summit Intern

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