4th of July

2008-07-04 16:51:54.000 – Natalie Martin,  Summit Intern

Flag on Tower

Happy Independence Day everyone! The summit was in the clear with temperatures in the 50s and low winds. In honor of the anniversary of our nation’s independence, a flag was flown from the observatory tower today. This will be up for auction at an upcoming event.

Marty has been outside lately, enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having. He even chased a barking fox away from the summit a few days ago. Later today we plan on taking a wonderful picture of Marty with a staff member to display in the museum downstairs so keep your eyes open for more signs of Marty. We have had many visitors ask when we will get posters, t-shirts, and mugs with Marty on them, and I can’t tell you when that will happen but we hope it’s soon!

In addition to the normal video games or movie, we are hoping for some good outdoor activities tonight. Since it is the 4th of July and we know of a town or two that have a fireworks show we are hoping for a good display since we are expecting to have a clear night.

As an added bonus to a great day my mom and her buddies hiked up to the summit today and I was able to visit with them for a short time before they headed back down the trail.


Natalie Martin,  Summit Intern

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