6-25-11 SR

2011-06-25 18:00:46.000 – Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

Finish Line at the upper end of Homestretch

Even though we have yet to see the sun today, the summit has become much busier than it was yesterday. The constant drizzle has been nonexistent and the fog is drier than it has been the past couple days, giving the ground a chance to dry out. As a result, practice times for most of the drivers participating in Climb to the Clouds (http://climbtotheclouds.com/)dropped dramatically in today’s runs up to the halfway point. 5-Mile, the gravel section of the road, has also had a chance to dry out, allowing for the Road to open up to the public this afternoon. It has been a nice change seeing dry hikers, lots of visitors, and even some drivers and their crews come through the Summit Museum and Gift Shop. Yesterday, I think the rotunda had enough puddles to fill a small swimming pool from all the completely soaked hikers coming through. Boots and all articles of clothing were sprawled out over the tables and lined the heaters as well.

Well, I take back what I said about not seeing the sun in my opening sentence! For about a half an hour just now the sun peaked out, blue skies appeared, and a nice undercast to the east was revealed. It was a pleasant surprise as I got out for some fresh air, nice photos, and saw some of the rally cars come up with their drivers studying the upper portion of the course. Unfortunately, we are back in the clouds now with thunderstorms over the Green Mountains in Vermont approaching this way.

Keep your fingers crossed that the rain passes quickly and the road has time to dry up before the first drivers take off tomorrow at 9 am. And Good Luck Slim from everyone on the summit!!


Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

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