6288 Stout

2007-09-04 21:29:48.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Meteorologist

What you get in a 4-pack.

On nights when the weather is not very active (like tonight), I sometimes peruse our forums to see what people are discussing. One topic that I came across was a discussion about Tuckerman Brewing Company’s new beer named “Sixty-Two Eighty-Eight Stout” (named after the summits elevation of 6288 ft.). Why am I mentioning a beer in the comments you ask? Well it is three parts. The first is because I was made aware of this beer when Michael Mohla of Tuckerman Brewing Company came up to the summit with his kids to meet the staff and let us know that this beer was available to consumers. The second is because of the picture on the bottle and the third is the benefit it brings the observatory.

The picture on the bottle is one taken from the deck looking towards the tower that houses our weather instruments that measure our legendary winds. It has a “cool” factor to tell my friends that my “office” is pictured on a beer bottle, how many people can say that? The third reason I am writing a comment about a beer is because a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this stout benefit the observatory. Plus if you buy a four pack, there is a special offer to sign up for membership. So it is a great way to help out the observatory and get a great tasting beer in return. But let me just specify that I have heard that it is a great tasting beer and have yet to try it. Station policy states that no alcohol can be consumed 8 hours prior to coming on shift. So that would mean I would have to try this beer between the hours of 430 am and 830 am when I get off shift. I don’t care if it is my “afternoon,” this is still morning in my opinion. Therefore, I do not drink at all while I am on the summit. So I will try to purchase a bottle in the valley some time to try on my week off.

Lastly, I know that our readers are a mix of ages and beliefs so let me just say, we do not condone drinking, especially underage drinking. Therefore, if you are going to try this beer, please be 21 or older. Please do not drink and drive. And as always, drink responsibly.


Ryan Knapp,  Meteorologist

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