A Beautiful End To A Cold Foggy Week

2015-01-13 16:50:50.000 – Michael Kyle, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


At the start of the week temperatures across New England were well below average, dropping into below zero levels for much of us. By the time my shift made it to the summit, fog had engulfed the mountain. These foggy sub-zero conditions lasted for much of the week. The temperatures for the summit didn’t reach above 0 degrees Fahrenheit until Monday. The foggy days persisted even longer. The summit only saw a total of 2 hours and 48 minutes of sunshine from last Wednesday until today. Today high pressure moved over the region, providing most sunny skies all day long.

On a personal note, today was an extra beautiful day because of news I got from back home. My brother informed me, that my sister in-law gave birth to a healthy baby girl today. Between the weather and the news from back home, it’s been a wonderful way to end my shift week on the summit. I’m looking forward to finishing my shift tomorrow and heading home to meet my new niece!

Sunset January 13, 2015


Michael Kyle, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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