A Busy Weekend

2015-06-20 18:10:14.000 – Kaitlyn O’Brien, Co-Director of Summit Operations


What a perfect day for the Mount Washington Road Race! Year after year it’s still amazing to watch these individuals challenge themselves to the 7.6 mile hillclimb to the summit. This year, the fastest runner made an impressive time of 58:15. Congratulations to all of those who ran today!

In addition to the Road Race, there are several additional activities going on this weekend. Later this evening, the Auto Road will hold a private event “MINIs on Top”, when the summit will be inundated with all kinds of Mini Coopers! Then on Sunday morning, there’s a sunrise drive to the summit when the road opens at 3:30AM. Needless to say, it’s been very busy for us here at the Observatory with museum operations and lots of tours to the tower!

If you find yourself on the summit this weekend, stop by the Extreme Mount Washington museum on the summit and ask about a tour. Or if you’re looking for the entire experience, you can schedule a day trip!
First place winner of the Auto Road RaceFirst place runner crossing the finish line, time 58:15


Kaitlyn O’Brien, Co-Director of Summit Operations

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