A Little Limerick

2015-01-20 21:41:39.000 – Nate Iannuccillo, Summit Intern


I sat there staring at the blue
Pretending like I hadn’t a clue
Because after forecasting snow
Twenty six days in a row
My dreams had not yet become true
But as I stepped outside late that night
I turned to the dark with my light
And when I saw my first glimmer
Reflect back with a shimmer
I knew my prediction was right
As I watched the first snow all around
I was left feeling oh so profound
The cold touch on my face
Made my warm heartbeat race
My! How the snow can astound!


Nate Iannuccillo, Summit Intern

Living in Winter Wonderland

January 15th, 2024|Comments Off on Living in Winter Wonderland

Living in a Winter Wonderland By Tricia Hutton Hi! I’m Tricia, an intern at Mount Washington Observatory. I am just a few days into my internship at MWO and it has already exceeded all

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