A mother’s Neverland

2010-04-27 22:55:02.000 – Robin Kay,  Summit Volunteer


I’m Mike F.’s mom, Robin, one of the volunteers this week. I have to say how grateful I am to have this week, not only with my son, but also on top of this mountain. This is my third volunteer trip and I’m finding each one as enjoyable as the last. This is my first time with another volunteer – Winnie, who happens to be my neighbor from home, inIrasburg, VT. It’s been great having her company/help in the kitchen and cleaning times as well. She makes awesome chocolate chip cookies.

Winnie has also gotten me outside for 5 of the 7 days to walk the auto road and even hike to the Lake in the Clouds hut, well, almost to the hut. I listened to my knees and didn’t quite get all the way there, but the hike back up to the summit was actually fun. We’re thinking she should start a boot camp back home.

I realize the observers who work here are no longer ‘boys’ and may not appreciate my sharing how I feel about them, but here goes.

One of my favorite childhood movies was Peter Pan. I loved Wendy and how she thought of the lost boys in Neverland – going to see them once a year. Seeing the connection here? Especially being Mike’s mom and add to that the fact that Ryan and Brian were the observers when I was here last year and Ryan the first year I was here too, it reminds me of Wendy and Peter Pan. I was a stay-at-home mom for 25 years with my sons and enjoyed every minute of it (reallydid Mikey!). Spending a week here every year cooking and cleaning for ‘the boys’ is reminiscent of those years, the best years of my life.

Dinnertime is the only meal the volunteers and staff share every day. Listening to them talk and tease each other, laugh and share stories is the highlight of each dayhere for me. After dinner, the ‘boys’ settle down for an evening of movie watching, listening to them laugh is another treat.

And until next year when I hopefully return to the mountain (Neverland) again, I will continue to read their Observer Comments and smile at them in my heart.


Robin Kay,  Summit Volunteer

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