A New Day, Some Familiar Faces

2013-04-17 17:10:25.000 – Tom Padham,  Summit Intern


Shift change day today saw a few additional faces: some new, some old, and even a bit of both. Today is the beginning of my second summer internship at the summit of Mount Washington. After my internship here in the summer of 2011, I returned to school at Penn State to finish my degree in meteorology. Little did I know two years later the opportunity to return to the summit would arise, and I’m very happy to be a part of this great organization once more. Because I’m starting nearly a month earlier than my last internship it will also be very interesting seeing the transition from full winter conditions to spring and summer through the coming months.

It turns out I wasn’t the only familiar face returning to the summit this morning, as Mike Finnegan and his girlfriend Emily came up to visit today as well. Mike was just leaving the observatory during my internship in 2011 and it was a pleasant surprise seeing another familiar face. I also was able to meet the new Director of Summit Operations, Cyrena. Cyrena is even staying the first few nights this week, which will help to get me re-adjusted to the summit routine. Quite a few things have changed in these past 2 years at the observatory, but the most important thing will always remain the same: Mount Washington itself. This will always be a very unique place and a fantastic one to learn about and experience the weather. I’m excited to get to work and learn more about this fascinating place.


Tom Padham,  Summit Intern

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