A Successful Seek The Peak

2009-07-26 07:29:38.000 – Scott Wehrwein,  Summit Intern


The Observatory area of the Sherman Adams building is normally a fairly quiet place, closed to the non-member public. Aside from EduTrips and members on tours, we usually have fewer than ten people in our home/office on the summit. Yesterday, that all went out the window as we opened our doors to more than 200 hikers who made it to the summit as participants in Seek The Peak, our biggest fundraiser of the year.

With help from a number of volunteers we welcomed hikers, giving them tours, letting them climb into the tower, and feeding them almost 300 cookies. I did about as much talking in a day as I normally do in a week discussing our weather and answering questions at the top of the tower. The weather was wet in the morning, but thunderstorms never threatened and the summit emerged from the fog in the afternoon, providing the first sunlight we’d seen since we arrived here Wednesday morning.

After the hikers had come and gone Ryan drove Stacey, Dennis (one of this week’s awesome volunteers), and me down to the base of the Auto Road for the turkey dinner and prize drawings. After eating some good food, Stacey and Brian helped Scot draw names for the prize giveaways while I filmed the proceedings for the ObsCast.

Many thanks to all our participants (including my whole family) for their support and fundraising efforts, which made the event a great success. Although it was an exhausting day for us, it was fun to see and interact with so many people who so enthusiastically support the work we do up here.


Scott Wehrwein,  Summit Intern

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