A Wee Bit of Snow

2006-12-30 09:24:43.000 – Mike Finnegan,  Summit Intern


High pressure yesterday brought us clear skies and phenomenal visibility, up to 120 miles. Whiteface in New York could be seen with the naked eye and my home mountain of Jay Peak appeared even more grand than normal due to an inversion just above the horizon. The afternoon brought a few high cirrus clouds, which gradually increased as the shadows grew longer. These made for a fine sunset, coloring up quite nicely. It seems the trend of increasing cloud cover has continued on through the night as the summit currently finds itself blanketed by a fog. These clouds will likely produce snow today, amounts ranging between two and four inches. It might not be much snow, but at least it’s something, and at this point in the season, I think we’ll take what we can get. Hoping winter reaches all of you soon…


Mike Finnegan,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

Spring is Here By Alexis George Our snowpack, although still present, has slowly been dwindling over the course of this month. At the beginning of March, there was a snow depth of 27 inches

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