A Week on the Summit

2009-02-18 11:00:48.000 – Win Dodge,  Summit Volunteer


Greetings from the summit on Wednesday. If it’s Wednesday it must be shift change day and we get to go home. But it’s also time to reflect on a great week here on the ‘rock pile’. As a volunteer my tour could not have been better. Paired with Chef John, we couldn’t fail in the meal department and we were lucky to have our German university students, 14 in all, who not only ate everything in sight but helped out at every turn. TheyAre easy going, fun loving and just great to be around. Of course, we walked around the summit viewing the various experiments. Something to do with rime ice and seeing if a snow drift will move (very scientific).

During the week we got to experience the full range of weather from gusts of over 100 MPH and fog early in the week to clear skies, moderate temp and little or no wind.For the last three days of our tour. John and I with Peter, one of our German friends,Did a midnight hike down the auto road. Temp about 10 with zero (0) wind! The shooting stars were out and the moon was up! Never better! For a aging (body not spirit)Hiker and climber who has criss-crossed these winter peaks for many years, including theNE 100 highest (winter), I don’t recall ever seeing a better three days in the mountains.

Personally, as a volunteer, it has been a privilege to participate with and at the MWO. The work is hard and constant but rewarding when our guests have a good time andThey go out of their way to say thanks.

So thanks,


Win Dodge,  Summit Volunteer

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