All Staff Meeting

2011-06-08 18:11:00.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Staff Meteorologist

All Staff Photo, Summer ’11

It doesn’t happen very often but at least once a year the entire staff working for the Mount Washington Observatory comes together for an all staff meeting. There are a few reasons we have this meeting. The first is to introduce all the new full time and seasonal staff members to each other so we can put a face to a name and voice. In my time here, these meet and greets are sometimes littered with a few new faces while other times the new faces almost equal the familiar faces. But that’s almost true about any job I’ve held. The second reason is so the valley staff can get a brief taste of what we do on any given Wednesday shift change day up here. You can say ‘We’re busy’ to someone working in our valley offices but sometimes it takes a first-hand account to see what we really mean. The third is for a State of the Obs address which shows how things are and get our input on how things could be improved in the near and long term. And lastly is to get a sweet group shot like the one you see in the thumbnail for the comment (click on the thumbnail for a full size version). So yes, it may have been a long day of meetings but well worth it in my opinion (but, that just might be the lack of sleep talking).


Ryan Knapp,  Staff Meteorologist

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