All the Ingredients to a Great Week!

2016-03-31 09:24:49.000 – Bill Ofsiany, Summit Volunteer


    It takes a lot of ingredients to make a quality mountain experience.  Take three, 130 mile visibility sunrises.  Make two of them with undercast, drowning out the lowlands. Throw in two spectacular sunsets that had the sun sinking behind Mt. Mansfield.  Include a hike over to Mt. Clay with the headwall of the Great Gulf stark against a clear blue sky. 

Include a day with temperatures above freezing and the wind zero to two and gusting.  Add a good amount of freezing rain, then chill to make the mixture like a lake in January.  Gently stir in a wind gust of 120 miles per hour.  Slowly add another at 124 and finally top it off with a high speed of 133 mph.  Garnish with a group of Edutripers who remembered what it was like to be twelve years old again and have full playing in the snow and cold.  Top with a great crew.  Finally coat the entire top of the mountain on the last night with eagle feather rime ice, bathed in morning alpenglow.  This is what a quality mountain experience is.


Bill Ofsiany, Summit Volunteer

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