Amazing Volunteers

2007-01-27 08:49:25.000 – Jon Cotton,  Observer

Jackson, NH

Wintertime is for indoor work – like knitting by the hearth. We haven’t needed much convincing of this considering the brutal cold and wind chills in the out of doors. Unfortunately we don’t have a hearth and LL Bean knits our gear. Other projects vied for attention instead. And we are not slouching.

Volunteers John Lind and Greg Carges are fabricating the most beautiful room on the summit. John is known for his work here both for the Observatory and our landlords the State Park. Greg is a professional cabinet maker residing in Chicago. This project to retrofit the conference room, in the works for the last six months, is filling a persistent need we have for storage space. Awkward items like anemometers-on-a-stick with twenty-foot cable tails, PVC conduit, and cases of tower mounting bolts don’t fit in stock shelves. Our walls have a particular curving tendency (it comes with the building). We don’t have many extra rooms to remodel and the conference room is where we host meetings and educational forums so whatever goes here must look presentable.

John knows how to spiff up a place and he put out the call for a pro. In his words, “We aren’t messing around. Make it difficult – we’ll do whatever you need. You want inlaid sapphire? No problem. These cabinets will outlast you and we’re doing it as good as it gets.” Greg answered this challenge with a sparkle in his eyes.

How good does it get you ask. The work in progress thus far – finished bookshelftoolscabinet. It actually does get better still because they donated everything involved. All the materials cost, the tools required, the week off from regular life and work and the professional talent are all donated. Amazing. Thank you John and Greg.

Last minute update: Greg also cooked me breakfast after I was out for 45 minutes on the morning’s photoshoot.


Jon Cotton,  Observer

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