An overdue visit…

2010-02-23 07:25:15.000 – Jim Salge,  Former Observer

Observing the Undercast…

On the way up to the mountain yesterday, I found myself in a deep state of nostalgic thought and reflection. I left the Observatory a few years back to pursue a career in teaching, and have since settled down, bought a house, and am getting married in a few months. This has been a huge transition from the part tenting, part renting and part traveling lifestyle that I enjoyed while working at the top of New England. And my reflection led me to a surprising conclusion: there is still no single dwelling that I have rested my head in more since high school than the summit of Mount Washington.

While working at the Obs, I was afforded the opportunity to refine my photography skills, and I have continued to do so, perhaps even more emphatically, since moving on. It is great to have the chance to come back as an assignment photographer and help the Observatory update their stock images. Though the trip has been planned for weeks, we couldn’t have hand picked a better day for the task. Light winds, bright sun, dense overcast and some of the heaviest rime accrual I’ve seen on the summit awaited my arrival, and made for spectacular photographic conditions. It will take me a few days to get through all of the images, but I’ve linked a few highlights below:

The New Snowcat.
Working on the Tower.
Undercast Tower.
A Very Happy EduTrip.
Taking an Observation.
Heavy Riming.

The nice weather that we experienced yesterday is quickly eroding now, as a major, prolonged snowstorm is setting its course for New England. It’s about time, as the Mount Washington Valley looks quite bare, and Tuckerman Ravine could use a recharge. I hope to hike out this morning before it gets here, and will get to enjoy this storm from the valley!


Jim Salge,  Former Observer

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