Another day, another record.

2012-03-22 15:52:33.000 – Brian Fitzgerald,  Summit Intern

Great Gulf, 3-22-12

Today’s old daily record temperature never stood a chance even at 12:01 this morning- so far the mercury has failed to dip beneath the old record of 41 degrees set in 2007. As of this moment the outdoor temperature is sitting around 51 degrees, which will likely be our highest reading of the day as a cold front moves in from the northwest, finally bringing an end to the unseasonable warmth. Still, even with the passage of this cold front temperatures will still be significantly higher than the daily average temperature for this time of year of about 15 degrees. Today around ‘the office’ we were able to open some doors and windows to allow the once frozen observation tower to thaw, melt and dry out before a return to frozen temperatures and fog. I also had to take the opportunity today to get outside an enjoy the warm weather, so after lunch I took a stroll down to the edge of the Great Gulf on the northern slopes of Mount Washington to see if any snow had survived in one of the few sun-sheltered areas. While there were some scenes of white, the grays and browns of rock and sedge dominated most of the views around the summit cone today (much to skiers’ chagrin). So while the unseasonable warmth has been pleasant up here, I’m no fool, and am certainly glad to still have my wool pants and winter gear on the summit, because if memory serves me right, the weather is bound to change.


Brian Fitzgerald,  Summit Intern

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