Another quiet day on the ‘Rock’ Pile

2012-11-12 21:33:40.000 – Roger Pushor,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist


It has been a day with moderate winds, high thin clouds with lots of sun, and unseasonably warm temperatures. In fact, today we broke the daily record high temperature of 44 degrees set in 2006 and equaled again in 2010 with a high of 46 degrees.

It’s actually very interesting to look back on our 80 plus year climate record and see when records were either set or equaled. Had this warm air mass moved through yesterday instead of today a 46 degree temperature would have gone unnoticed as yesterday’s record high is 48 and had it waited till Wednesday the 14th it would have also gone unnoticed as that day’s record high is 47 degrees. As we look further into the month November 28th has seen a record high of 49 degrees back in 1990. If we look into December we see on December 23rd of 1990 a record high of 45 degrees.

If you think this only happens with record highs you only have to look back a few years to see that a record low of -8 degrees set on November 8th of 2008 however the 7th’s record low is -16 set in 1936 and the 9th’s it’s -17 set in 1987.

Our place here at the Observatory is to keep an accurate record on an hourly basis of all of the weather phenomena that occur on the Summit and in the Presidential Range with our remote Mesonet stations. We leave it to the Climatologists and Weather Researches to look for trends and draw conclusions from our data.


Roger Pushor,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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