Arline’s Volunteer Comments

2015-08-21 07:21:48.000 – Arline Cochrane, Summit Volunteer


Finding my way to the Mt. Washington Auto Road on August 12, 2015, I met Slim and his crew at the Maintenance Garage. Right from the start I felt welcomed. I could tell right away Slim was going to be fun to see around the Observatory.

Slim gave me directions to the parking lot where I met Ryan and all the rest of the shift crew. The drive up the Auto Road was the first time I had been back to the summit in 45 years and it was so wonderful. My husband and I drove up on our honeymoon.

I must admit that arriving at the Observatory, bringing in everyone’s gear, food, and being introduced to the facility layout was a little overwhelming but to go forward in life you have to keep pushing yourself to see what your limits are.


My first whole day here made me see that this was to be an adventure to remember. That first full day began with viewing a floor of clouds with the mountain tops peeking through – I was almost giddy. That was the start of what has been a most exciting time for me.


Saturday the Auto Road was closed for the Mt Washington Auto Road Bicycle Race. It was so exciting to see the participants who had trained so long and hard to be able to make it to the summit and their friends and families there to cheer them on.

Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, heavenly clouds, meteors and the Aurora Borealis, what a week I have had.


Of course I need to mention the wonderful people at the Observatory. Thank you to Kaitlyn O’Brien, Co-Director of Summit Operations, and a most energetic and sweet personality. Ryan Knapp, staff meteorologist, night observer and summit photographer who was so kind to several times alert me to some awesome happenings going on outside. Intern Ian Bailey who just finished his last shift. Ian is sweet and so appreciative and I can’t wait to see what he does next – I will know because he was thoughtful and Facebook-friended me. Thank you Ian for that. Museum Attendant AJ Grimes – quiet and so polite, and off to graduate school and a wonderful career.

Marty, my little friend who would meow at me every morning and keep me company when everyone else was working. I was also glad to meet the NH State Park crew and get to know them: Jim, Chris, Nate, Melanie, and Emily.


Thank you to all of you for making me feel at home and a part of your wonderful, unique group. I hope I will be welcomed back to cook up my homemade meals for you and our guests.



Arline Cochrane, Summit Volunteer

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