2010-09-20 18:27:41.000 – Erica Sandschulte,  Summit Intern

A beautiful sunset from MWO

Earlier this week, I was able to give my first tour to a group of our members from the Portland area. As we stood on the tower deck, enjoying the magnificent view, I pointed towards the general direction Portland would be. Moments before that the clouds had just cleared and I could see something glistening to the east, it was the Atlantic Ocean! At first I thought it was a job well done by a window washer on a sky scraper but as my eyes trailed the light along the horizon, I realized that it most certainly was the ocean. On a day like this one and the skies are mostly clear and the sun is positioned just right you will be in luck. We all stood in awe. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, but the excitement our members had on their faces was priceless. I can safely say some of the greatest views you will ever see are on top of Mount Washington.


Erica Sandschulte,  Summit Intern

Celebrating National Forest Week: Trail Adoption 101

July 8th, 2024|Comments Off on Celebrating National Forest Week: Trail Adoption 101

Celebrating National Forest Week: Trail Adoption 101 By Fawn Langerman It's #NationalForestWeek! Every year during the second week of July, the National Forest Foundation (NFF), the U.S. Forest Service’s non-profit partner, hosts National Forest

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