Attention Winter Climbers of Mount Washington

2015-02-06 15:30:04.000 – Michael Pelchat, Park Manager V Mt Washington State Park


New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation reminds individuals hiking Mount Washington this winter that there is no open shelter or windbreak at the summit. The summit building, operated by Mount Washington State Park, is closed from November to April. State officials encourage winter hikers to plan climbs accordingly and be prepared to hike down as well as up. The weather is always worse in higher elevations and weather can change unexpectedly. For more information about safe hiking practices please visit:

Operationally, a new entryway was constructed to: improve drainage, protect drinking water well, expand shelter space for summer visitors, protect the emergency generator door and air intakes from extreme weather, reduce building heat loss, help visualize the park through wall displays/photos, remove disabled pedestrian barriers through improved walking surfaces and provide an air lock/garage for service vehicles. While winter climbers have used the temporary walls in the past, they were erected by parks staff to provide some protection for the front of the building and was never intended to become a winter climber shelter.

Short description of imageFormer Wintertime Sherman Adams building entryway


Short description of imageNew Sherman Adams building entryway


Michael Pelchat, Park Manager V Mt Washington State Park

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