August 2007 Progress Report

2007-09-14 01:03:47.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Staff Meteorologist

Summer is progressing nicely.

August 2007 Progress Report

To: Comment Reader

From: Mount Washington Observatory Staff

Date: September 14, 2007

Subject: Climatological Statitics

Time Frame: August 1 – 31, 2007

Temperature: Your summit averaged a temperature of 48.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This was 1.2 degrees better than normal. The highest temperature your summit received was 67.0 degrees Fahrenheit on the 3rd and the lowest temperature it received was 29.0 on the 19th. Overall, your summit excelled at this subject.

Precipitation: Your summit received 5.71 inches of melted precipitation. This was 2.37 inches below normal. The highest amount received was 1.48 inches on the 6th. Overall, your summit is failing in this area and needs to concentrate more in the area to improve its score.

Snowfall: Your summit received 0.2 inches of snow and hail. The highest amount received was on the 30th in the form of 0.2 inches of hail. Overall, your summit was average on this subject. Although the staff was pleased with this total, we are looking for improvement on this subject in the coming months.

Winds: Your summit received an average of 26.8 mph. This is 2.2 mph above normal. The highest gust was from the north on the 18th and was 94.0 mph. Five days experienced a gust of 73 mph or more as well. Overall, your summit excelled in this area which pleases the staff since winds is one field your summit usually excels in. Although the staff was pleased with this total, our records indicate that your summit has a higher potential in this field and look forward to the outcome in the coming months.

Clouds and Sunshine: Your summit only received 36 percent of the possible sunshine minutes it could have received. Thirty out of the possible 31 days contained some fog in the 24 hour period. Overall, the staff is pleased with your summit but a bit more sunshine would have been nice since most of the staff is fading from an eggshell white to an off white hue.

Reflections: Overall, your summit exceeded or met the expectations of the staff for this month’s progress report. Although your summit is lacking in a few areas, the staff is confident that these areas will show improvement in the coming months. Since the staff started observing your summit 75 years ago, it has never failed to surprise the staff on a month to month basis. If you are not pleased with these results or want to discuss these matters further, please schedule an appointment by one of these methods or go to our forums to discuss these matters further.


Ryan Knapp,  Staff Meteorologist

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