Back-and-Forth Weather

2013-04-22 10:10:30.000 – Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist


This shift’s weather has certainly proven to be all over the place.

As if Mt. Washington would have it any differently in April, we’ve run the gamut in the type of things we’ve experienced this week.

Upon arrival on Wednesday, the summit was socked in the fog, with gusty northwest winds, and temperatures in the 20s. Later in the day, fog cleared, revealing mostly sunny skies with slackening winds.

On Thursday, winds shifted around to the southwest as a warm front approached, which sent temperatures soaring into the 30s. Overnight, the mercury continued to rise, maxing out around 40F, with continued thick fog.

As for Friday, temperatures remained in excess of 40F for most of the day, maxing out at 47F–some 20+ degrees above the daily average temperature. Rain showers began to develop during the afternoon, and continued through the overnight ahead of an impending cold front.

The front prompted temperatures to plunge into the teens by daybreak on Saturday, with winds continuing to gust in excess of 90 mph, and early freezing rain quickly changing over to snow. After a brief period of clearing in the evening, a second cold front charged through, sending temperatures into the single digits overnight, with more snow showers. Our minimum overnight temperature of 4F was only a few degrees shy of a daily record low.

Sunday saw morning snow showers give way to afternoon sunshine, with visibility jumping from 50 feet to 100 miles. Winds dropped off through the day, becoming light and variable overnight into this morning.

After the first two-thirds of the shift landed us mostly in the fog, we’re expecting the final few days to be decidedly clearer as a very strong high pressure ridge builds in to New England.


Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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