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2018-10-01 09:32:24.000 – Adam Gill, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


This is my first week back from vacation and we finally got a bit of winter weather! I was hoping for more in the way of snow but getting a bit of rime ice was good enough. I strategically tool the vacation in September when the last of the summer weather is still around and the cold weather is staying just too far to the north.

While on vacation, I was able to get back home to Colorado for a bit as well as visit a few friends that I graduated college with up in Minnesota. I finally got to go to the Great Sand Dune National Park even though I lived in Colorado for most of my life. It was awe inspiring seeing sand dune that large. I was able to make it to the top of one of the sand dunes, which was as hard as you would imagine. It would be a good work out to prepare for hikes!

Sand Dunes National Park Great Sand Dunes National Park in Mid September

When I got back to New Hampshire, I participate as the best man in former Observer, Mike Carmon’s wedding. It took place in Sugar Hill with a good view of Mt. Lafayette and part of the Presidential Range. It was a really great wedding to be part of! There was a spectacular sunset at the end of the wedding ceremony that really made the sky light up with colors. Congratulations to the newlyweds Mike and Jess!

 Mike and Jesse's First LookMike and Jesse just after first look
Sunset after Mike and Jesse's Wedding Sunset after Mike and Jesse’s wedding during the Reception

I was pretty jealous to see that the other shift were the first ones to see winds over 100 mph for the winter season, but this also means that more exciting weather is not too far off! Initially at the beginning of this week, it looked like there could have been another chance at seeing 100+ mph winds but time got closer, the storm has gotten weaker and further to the north. 

Sunset with Tessa and Zach Taking Pictures Sunset from a few days ago with Tessa and Zach taking pictures. This was just before we started riming and the temperature had just fallen below freezing

Looking ahead, it is looking like another ridge will be building into the eastern half of the US which will keep the above normal temperatures continuing, while places out west could see a decent amount of snow. I think that the really warm and humid weather is done for the season across the White Mountains but still getting up into the 80’s will still be possible in the valleys. We could even make a run for the upper 50s again on the summit later this week.


Adam Gill, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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