Becoming a night observer.

2007-06-23 20:10:15.000 – Zach Allen,  Observer

Cathy and the Ice Fort

As I went to bed this morning the summit started to receive glaze icing. When I woke up it finally ended. After getting ready for the day I walked out side seeing all the ice that had fallen off the tower. An idea struck me to attempt an ice fort. I talked our intern Cathy into it and we attempted it. Unfortunately it just wasn’t the same as snow due to the lack of bonding and friction between the ice chunks. However it was still a fun attempt.

Switching over to being a night observer is quite the change and something I am not accustom too. Your body has to adjust quickly so that your sleeping and eating habits are adjusted. For example, I get sleep from 6 AM to 2 PM and starting my day with breakfast then it’s dinner followed by light snacking all night. My shift is filled of observations, nightly check, forecasts, and radio shows. Time seems to fly as the work day routine passes by.

I am starting to get used to night work. Then phones are quiet, the wind makes strange noises and last night going out to do an observation was a little eerie looking out 20 feet into fog and having 70 plus mph wind howling in the abyss of night. Personally I enjoy venturing into the darkness. It certainly makes it quite interesting and I am really enjoying my job.

Finally, my younger sister’s birthday is today. So I would like to wish Rebecca Allen a happy 18th birthday from myself and everyone here at the summit!


Zach Allen,  Observer

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