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2011-07-14 17:30:33.000 – Steve Welsh,  Observer / IT Specialist

Our New Stove

Today dawned bright and clear with plenty of blue sky and only a few fluffy clouds to enhanced the distant mountains. Although a little chilly and breezy at first it soon warmed up and turned into one of those wonderful summer days we have occasionally up here.

We were certainly busy up here today. The first task of the morning was to swap out our kitchen stove/oven. We’d been having intermittent problems with it for quite some time and with Seak The Peak and our summit adventures fast approaching it was decided to replace it sooner rather that later. I’m pleased to report that the transition went remarkably well and so far so good – we are all keeping our fingers crossed that it works well for many years to come.

Once the stove was in place Pete (our valley based IT manager) and I hiked down to the AMC hut at Lakes of the Clouds to work on our data logger there and to replace a thermometer shield which had recently failed. As usual a simple task became more involved as we encountered some technical problems but after a few hours we had everything back up and running. It was nice to get out in the field for a change especially since the weather was so nice.

Well it’s nearly time to go and eat dinner – the first cooked on the new stove!


Steve Welsh,  Observer / IT Specialist

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