Blowing Snow

2008-03-29 21:26:58.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Marty Resting

Yesterday we had over six inches of nice fluffy snow and for once, really calm winds. So the entire summit ended the day completely decked in white. This doesn’t happen very often since most snow that falls here usually blows straight off the summit and down into the surrounding ravines. Today the winds went up to near 100 mph and all the snow above tree line took to the air in one great mass of swirling whiteness. For most of the day we have had very impressive ground blizzards and near zero visibility. The downside to all this is the fact that the blowing snow always settles in front of our emergency exits, which, of course have to be cleared. Shoveling when the wind chill is 40 below is definitely a good way of starting out the day. We were also expecting an Eastern Mountain Sports hiking trip to be stopping over with us tonight but unfortunately they had to turn back due to the poor conditions. It has definitely been a day to stay off the higher summits.

I would like to finish this comment by thanking the folks over at the Conway Area humane Society for linking us up with Marty, our latest summit cat. He’s definitely becoming a great hit with everyone up here. If anyone is looking for a four legged companion you should definitely check them out. We also recently heard that they are in dire economic straits – any financial help would be greatly appreciated.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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