2007-05-15 12:44:58.000 – Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern


Well, the fantastic weather streak has ended, and the fog has returned to the summit. It was a good stretch of nice weather though, which many of us are convinced is due to having a member from the other shift, Mike Finnegan, on board with us this week. We get the clouds and wind, they get the sun and calm, at least that is how the majority of the past few months have been. Lucky for me, our shift has seen plenty of extreme weather, with winds sustained well over 100 mph multiple times and snow and sleet which can make your bare skin feel like mother nature is throwing needles at you. That reminds me of one of my first few weeks up here, when I experienced hurricane force sleet on bare cheek. Jim still laughs at me for that one.

It seems like just last week that I made my way up the summit for the first time in the snow cat, greeted by friendly staff and volunteers which have made this experience unforgettable. I say this as today is my last full day as a winter intern on the summit, and tomorrow will be my last shift change Wednesday. I will take with me experiences and memories that could only be possible on the summit of Mount Washington, and move on to give another intern the chance to experience the prestige of the Mount Washington Observatory. On that note, I encourage anyone interested in becoming an intern, both young and old, to check out the intern page on our website.

Finally, I’d like to say thanks to all the staff at the Mount Washington Observatory for making this possible, and also to the volunteers who kept myself, and the summit staff well taken care of week in and week out. And with that, I will end this last comment and continue my traditional Tuesday routine of some minor cleaning and preparation for the next shift. Goodbye.


Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern

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