Bring It!

2014-10-29 16:54:00.000 – Mike Carmon, Weather Observer/Education Specialist


Another Wednesday, another return trip to the summit of Mount Washington.

Our shift is back on top, and we left things quite an icy mess last Wednesday when we departed. However, we returned to find that most of the snow and ice that had accumulated over the last week is now a distant memory, thanks to temperatures in the 40s along with rain and fog. Will this glimpse of more summer-like conditions last long? Not at all.

As I compose these thoughts, temperatures are swiftly falling through the 30s, and by the time the sun sets, the summit temperature will be back below the freezing mark, with ice accumulating on all surfaces once more. Once winter arrives again on Mount Washington, it looks to stay for a number of days, with colder temperatures, rime ice, and on-an-off snow showers looking likely in the near future.

Peaking ahead towards the weekend, things could get even more interesting, although it’s too far out to tell just how exciting the possible weekend storm may be. However, at this time, it looks like our shift has a shot at the first 100+ mph gust of this infant winter season.

We’re primed and ready for some vintage Mount Washington winds. To which we say, bring it!


Mike Carmon, Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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