Calm snowfall, then blowing snowstorm!

2007-02-19 10:38:24.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer

Serious blowing snow…

The conditions that were experienced at the summit of Mount Washington yesterday were fairly rare. Light winds and a moderate fall of large snowflakes had the staff in their glory yesterday during the outside work…and play. By the end of the ‘storm’ nearly 4 inches of 4% density snow was gently resting upon the peak. Pure powder bliss was the general emotion of the staff!

Conditions this morning are a stark contrast from yesterday. In addition to the brutal temperatures and windchills, all of the snow that fell yesterday is moving very rapidly to the east. Large plumes of blowing snow have again filled the sky with crystals, many so large they look like fog or clouds.

Some of these blowing snow conditions can be seen in the additional premium content views on our webcams this morning. And if you are a member and haven’t paused for the minute it takes to sign up for the premium content (Mom!), this is a great day to do it. In addition, the new weekly Obscast, updated this morning shows some great footage of the storms this past week!


Jim Salge,  Observer

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