Changing Weather on the Summit

2013-10-05 22:26:16.000 – Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer

Lenticulars Undulating in the Twilight

I had an interesting first night on the summit on Wednesday. With winds gusting in excess of hurricane force and the summit remaining in the clear, each observation was a struggle against the wind. When we’re in the clear, observations involve walking the length of the deck to check conditions to our east. It was easy to get out of control walking across the deck with the wind, and it took all my strength to walk into the wind to get back to the tower.

Two nights after, I was wandering around the deck, pondering how it is possible to have nearly calm winds on the summit of a mountain. It’s quite incredible how mountain weather can change so dramatically, going from completely calm to winds that can easily overpower you. Whether you’re going out for a day hike or doing an extended backpack expedition in the Whites, checking the weather before you leave and constantly re-evaluating your surroundings can reduce the risk of weather catching you by surprise.


Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer

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