Christmas on Mount Washington

2011-12-25 00:35:11.000 – Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist


Out of the five Christmases that I have been working for the Observatory, I have spent three on the summit. Well, after tomorrow I will have spent three that is. It’s never really bothered me to have to be here on Christmas, to be honest. Although, I will admit that if I had my choice, I would definitely be at home with friends and family. On the bright side, I do get to be here with my summit ‘family’. Besides my fellow summit staff and volunteers, the State Park employees are also most certainly part of that family. We all sat down to a very nice dinner this evening for Christmas Eve, with all the food prepared by the State Park folks. Tomorrow it will be our turn to cook, and we’ll all get together again for Christmas dinner.

Another bright side to being here over Christmas is how quiet things are. By that, I mean that there isn’t a whole lot going on besides our normal everyday duties. There are no EduTrips or DayTrips. The phone doesn’t ring as much over the actual holiday days. I don’t have any Distance Learning programs to give. Generally speaking, this lack of additional activity allows for time to focus a little more than usual. Because of that, it has been a very productive week so far for me.

So, from our summit family to yours, we hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!


Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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