Clear Day

2013-03-15 17:04:59.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

Marty Taking In The View

Today has shaped up to be a beautiful day on the summit with views reaching 100 miles. In the distance, lenticular clouds build and dissipate seamlessly, yielding perfectly stationary clouds. Blowing snow whips off neighboring peaks and the sun shines bright, increasing temperatures. Winters slow demise will soon be changing the landscape.

Although winter is the season I look forward to the most, I also enjoy the transitional seasons. Within the coming weeks, the valley will undergo a transition from snow covered ground to budding greenery with vibrant spring colors. The summit may be slower to follow as alpine vegetation wakes from a long cold winter. However, the inevitable transition is around the corner. And in approximately two months, the summit will once again be open to visitors.


Rebecca Scholand,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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