Clear skies and a look ahead…

2007-03-30 07:52:37.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer

Sad snowfields sunrise…

I think that this is the longest stretch of fogless weather that I’ve seen on the peak since October. Clear skies and clear horizons were the dominant (lack of) weather reported yesterday in our observations, and views extended right to Mount Whiteface in New York at sunset last night. No fog since our arrival midday Wednesday!

Having not caught a sunset in some time up here, it was amazing to me how far the sun has transited north on the horizon since the dead of winter. Whereas seemingly three sunsets ago in late January the sun was setting behind Killington and Pico from our vantage, it has now moved almost as far north at Mount Mansfield and Stowe. And the sun feels warm now, despite temperatures holding around 10 degrees yesterday; you couldn’t help but feel it a bit warmer as the sun shone brightly.

A warm sun, and general lack of snow, as seen in this morning’s sunrise picture above, has the crew up here thinking ahead to our big summer fundraiser for the Mount Washington Observatory. Seek the Peak, scheduled for July 27th through 28th this year, has a great new line-up, prizes and events, all while bringing people together who love the mountain and value the work of the member supported Observatory.

By visiting, you can find out how you can participate, set up a fundraising page, and support others who are taking on the challenge. You can also talk to others about the event in our Seek the Peak Forum. We hope that you mark your calendars, start training, pledge support and we’ll see you at the event!


Jim Salge,  Observer

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