Contrasting weather

2010-05-09 17:32:32.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist


Here are some weather stats from one week ago today (May 2):

High Temperature: 58 degrees Fahrenheit (tied the daily record high, also set in 1936)
Low Temperature: 47 degrees Fahrenheit
Average Wind Speed: 35.5 mph
Liquid Precipitation: Trace
Snowfall: 0 inches

Now let’s contrast that with stats so far today. Now of course the day isn’t over yet so these will change slightly, but you’ll get the point:

High Temperature: 21 degrees Fahrenheit
Low Temperature: 13 degrees Fahrenheit
Average Wind Speed: 64.4 mph
Liquid Precipitation: 0.38 inches
Snowfall: 2.6 inches

Quite a contrast! Of course a very winter like day such as the one we are experiencing today is certainly not out of the ordinary for Mount Washington this time of year. Both the transition seasons can see wild swings in temperatures and, let’s be honest, that’s one thing that makes this time of year very interesting and exciting!

Unseasonably cold conditions will continue for at least the next serveral days. In fact, tomorrow morning there is at least a slight chance that we will challege the record low for May 10 of 6 degrees, set in 1966. The weather models are also hinting at a storm later this week that could end up being at least partially snow on the summit. We’ll be keeping our eyes on it. Winter isn’t dead yet!

Observer note: Due to the unusual shift change yesterday, the weekly Mount Washington ObsCast (which is exclusive to our members) will not be posted tomorrow. We will resume our weekly video blog on Monday May 17, so be sure to check it out then! If you’re not a member yet, become one so you can watch the ObsCasts too!


Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

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