2011-03-01 16:22:58.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer


What a day. It started with shoveling – lots and lots of shoveling – as Mike alluded to in his comment yesterday the front entrance had drifted in with piles of lovely snow. I really wish it would drift somewhere else for once.

Later this morning the sun decided to put in an appearance, it’s always a welcome sight, especially after days of fog and snow. The 100 foot views of gray just don’t compare with the 100 plus mile views of distant peaks and valleys. It looks like there’ll also be a decent sunset to boot!

For those of you wondering about the strange wind display on our current summit conditions page I can assure you that it wasn’t real but rather caused when David and I swapped out some recording equipment. Even though the instruments that pass through that device had been switched off and the display should have switched to other devices, which were on and working fine at the time, the display decided to act up and draw funny shapes instead. To cap it all of it then crashed and went off line for a while – it’s been one of those days! Everything seems to be back up and working again now and we’re all hoping it stays that way.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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