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Crossword. Yeah!

A new month means new monthly climatological statistics, something I look forward to each month because it combines two things I really enjoy, history and weather. At the end of each month, our daily forms are gathered, sorted, checked for errors, compiled, and sent out. Some statistics are easy to find while other take a bit of work. It almost feels a bit like a crossword puzzle. So to give you all a feeling of what I had to go through, I decided instead of just spewing out facts, I would have you solve a crossword puzzle to get the big picture. So here’s what to do: “CLICK HERE” to open and image of the blank crossword. Size up the image and print it in black and white. Then use the clues below to fill in the crossword. Once you are all done, “CLICK HERE” for the answers. You can either guess or look around our website for the answers; all but one of the answers can be found in the weather section of our website under the heading of “Last Month’s Summit Weather Summary.” Lastly, enjoy!

1. This was 124 mph from the NW on the 17th. (two words)
3. Melted precipitation saw a departure ____ normal of -0.84.
4. The 23rd saw a ____ of 35.0F.
5. The 16th saw a 24-hour _________ of 1.82 for melted precipitation.
6. There were 26 days with _______ skies.
7. There were 19 days of winds ___________ mph or more.
10. The seasonal ______ saw a departure from normal of -5.4 inches.
11. Temperature saw a _______ from normal of -1.4F.
13. There were 26 days with ______.
15. ________ _____________ (two words) was 8.00”.
17. There were 2 days of ______.
18. There were 4 days with _______ _______(two words) skies.
21. There was 1 day with _______ skies.
22. The average _____ ______ (two words) was 45.0 mph.
23. There was 9 days with ___________ mph or more winds.

2. The _______ __________ (two words) was 8.7F.
8. The __________ _______ (two words) for the month was 61.2 inches.
9. Nin (our cat) has _________ the summit. (He’s not dead, just retired. Don’t forget tomorrows Mascot Primary .)
10. The ______ hour maximum of snowfall was 12.6 inches on the third.
12. Wind speed saw a departure from _____ of -0.2 mph.
13. The ________ total snowfall is now at 101.6 inches.
14. There were 30 days with ____.
16. ________ had a departure from normal of +11.2 inches.
19. The first and seventeenth both saw a ____ temperature of 16 below 0F.
20. The percentage of possible _______ was 19 percent.


Ryan Knapp,  Staff Meteorologist

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